11, Khozyaystvenny proezd, 428000, Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Russian Federation. Phone. +7 (8352) 63-22-20. E-mail:
Транспортные услуги юридическим лицам
(8352) 63-26-23, 63-15-43

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THE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY “AKKOND-TRANS” is one of the largest and actively developing transportation companies of the Chuvash Republic, a member of the Association of International Automobile Carriers. The company offers the full range of transportation services. Due to long-term experience on the market and well organized logistics the company can easily satisfy any requirements of the clients.

We can successfully integrate our technologies into any client’s business processes. We admit almost unlimited liability as a carrier and can provide supplementary insurance of any cargo. Our vehicles always get in time for the cargo loading and unloading. In emergency situations we are able to exchange the truck train directly en route without any problems for the client. Professional traffic controllers and managers can simultaneously control dozens of transportation processes.

Our company transports cargo through the Russian Federation, CIS and European countries. The vehicle fleet includes over 180 light commercial vehicles with the weight carrying capacity up to 800 kg and heavy-duty vehicles with the weight carrying capacity up to 30 tons. The vehicles are on the average three years old, the fleet is constantly being updated. Each vehicle has the official emblem of the company and is equipped with GPS.

Within the recent 4 years the number of the company’s employees has increased by 2.5 times. The company is especially proud of its intercity and international drivers. Careful organization of the drivers’ work is one of priority tasks of the company’s management. We constantly develop and improve training and professional development programs for the drivers. As a result any driver can carry out intracity, intercity and international transportation. In our company a skilled employee will get unique opportunities for self-realization, and a beginner will gain valuable experience. The company is always ready to offer interesting and well-paid job to drivers and specialists in various fields.

Contact our specialists and you will receive the services of one of the largest transportation companies of the Chuvash Republic. We are open to cooperation and are glad to render assistance in any matters which are in the scope of our activities.